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YBE - Yolngu Self Management


  • Black-Footed Tree-Rat Monitoring Program

    The black-footed tree-rat is one of the largest rodents in Australia. It was previously found in abundance but on recent monitoring within areas recording good numbers there has been no recorded activity. This species is now...

  • Interim Power Station – Earthworks Generator Pad and Laydown Area

    Site vegetation clearing and subgrade preparation work, Import, mix, place and compact fill and pavement to levels and grades, Import and place aggregate around generator installations

  • Yirrkala Community Minor Civil Works

    maintenance grading of Rocky Bay and Shady beach access roads, Reformation and compaction of gravel shoulders, cement stabilisation to nominated shoulders and pavements. 

  • Central Arnhem Road – Reform and Re-gravel 23km

    Reform and widen existing pavement to re-establish, carriageway width, Re-establish table and cut off drains, Re sheet pavement with 200mm natural gravel, Re-establish road furniture, Rehabilitation of borrow pits

   |   Melville Bay Road, Nhulunbuy, NT, 0880