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YBE - Yolngu Self Management

Black-Footed Tree-Rat Monitoring Program

Client: Rio Tinto Gove
Contract Name: Black-Footed Tree-Rat Monitoring Program
Site Location: Mine Lease Area Nhulunbuy
Year: 2015

Scope of Work

The black-footed tree-rat is one of the largest rodents in Australia. It was previously found in abundance but on recent monitoring within areas recording good numbers there has been no recorded activity. This species is now considered vulnerable. There has now been sightings of the black-footed tree-rat in the Gove Peninsula, specifically within the Mine Lease area in Nhulunbuy. This project is to establish a monitoring regime. Looking at their habitat and living patterns. YBE will assist in the establishment of remote cameras and monitoring of the progress during the collection period.

   |   Melville Bay Road, Nhulunbuy, NT, 0880