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YBE - Yolngu Self Management

Central Arnhem Road – Reform and Re-gravel 23km

Client: Department of Infrastructure
Contract Name: Reform and Re-gravel various sections Ch 310km to Ch 424 Km
Site Location: East Arnhem Land – Central Arnhem Road
Year: 2014 / 2015
Scope of Work: Reform existing pavement as subgradevand re-gravel 200mm gravel pavement.
Project Estimate: $1.3 million

Project Description

  • Reform and widen existing pavement to re-establish
  • carriageway width
  • Re-establish table and cut off drains
  • Re sheet pavement with 200mm natural gravel
  • Re-establish road furniture
  • Rehabilitation of borrow pits.

   |   Melville Bay Road, Nhulunbuy, NT, 0880